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Fair Procedure and Penalty Guideline


To ensure a harmonious and fair gaming environment and provide a pleasant gaming experience to all users, we herby to remind everyone to strictly abide by the Lost Blade User Agreement and Term of Use while playing the game. Actions will be taken against the account confirmed to violate the User Agreement or Term of Use. One or more of the following actions will occur based on the severity of the violation:

(1) Warning: A warning is a form to educate players who violate game rules and to ensure the game operates normally.


(2) Mute: Some or all chatting channels of the violating player will be restricted, and the online voice chat function of
the player's account will be suspended to prohibit the player from chatting with other players until the punishment expires or is lifted.


(3) Temporary Ban: The violating player will not be able to log into the game with their account for a certain time until the punishment expires or is lifted.


(4) Permanent Ban: The violating player will no longer be able to log into the game with their account.


(5) Account Disablement: Temporarily or permanently stop the violating player from using the game service with their account.


Others: Including but not limited to confiscation of illegitimate profits (such as obtaining in-game virtual items through improper means), deduction of stats (including but not limited to EXP), deletion of forum posts, blocking of forum accounts, temporary suspension of service, etc.



We sincerely hope you will work with us to maintain a harmonious and fair gaming environment!